Well done on deciding to cycle from London to Amsterdam.  It is one of the best short cycle tours around and passes through stunning scenery, cities and canals along popular bike paths.

One of the items on your to do list will be to book your accommodation along your route – well do not worry, we have it sorted!

We have chatted to cyclists, hoteliers and scouted the internet to find cycle friendly accommodation.  We have found rooms to suit all budgets for each destination located within our suggested routes.  All the accommodation listed is cyclist friendly which means they either have storage areas for your bike or are happy to let you keep it in your room.

Select the locations below to view the cycle friendly accommodation:

What to look for in accommodation?

Ideally the perfect cycle friendly accommodation will provide secure storage for your bike. Europe 9expecially Holland) is very cyclist friendly which is why many hotels offer secure storage as standard which a locked bike shed usually located in the car park.  Most hotels do not charge extra for use of this storage.

The second best option is to store your bike in the hotels luggage room.  The majority of hotels are happy to do this for you if there is space, as most of the time you are only staying for one night anyway.  However if you are in a large group make sure to ring ahead and check with the hotel because if the hotel is busy there may not be enough room.

The third and last option is simply to store the bike in your room.  Surprisingly many hotels are happy to let you do this, providing your bike is reasonably clean.  Many cyclists we spoke to simply just wheel their bike to the room and 9 times out of 10 no one blinks an eye.