Cycle from London to Amsterdam.

Cycling from London to Amsterdam will be an epic adventure on two wheels, cycling roughly 350 miles through 4 countries.

A London to Amsterdam Cycling Guide

Cycle from London to Amsterdam it’s a great way to spend a long weekend and perfect for those who are new to cycle touring or are training for longer touring rides. Everything you will need take on the challenge, from route suggestions dependent on how hard you want to punish yourself, training plans, a list of perfect accommodation and a breakdown of the best gear to get you there.

Routes from London to Amsterdam

Training and Gear

So you’re up for this epic challenge? Then maybe it’s time to think about how we can get you ready.

Routes from London to Amsterdam

Cycling Routes

We have selected various routes to get from London to Amsterdam from a quick 24 hour sprint to a relaxed 7 day routes.

Accommodation for cyclists

Places to Stay

If you're not bee–lining all the way there in 24 hours, we have selected some accommodation especially for cyclists.

Cycling, Nutrition

How To Up Your Miles On The Bike

If you are contemplating embarking on a cycling trip if it is a long distance, take your time [...]