Cycle from London to Amsterdam on a 7 day tour of 4 countries. It could be done in less time, even in as little as 24 hours. This is the most relaxed of our route selections and allows a varying route through much of England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

  • 396miles
  • 4countries
  • 7days

Day 1: London to Maidstone (45 miles)

The first day of cycling is a bit of a baptism of fire as you will doing some steep climbs. We suggest that you leave London as early as possible to avoid congestion.

Once you reach the suburbs of London you can then head out onto quieter roads through the country side with beautiful rolling hills and apple orchards.

Spend the evening in Maidstone where you will find some small hotels, a selection of B&B’s and campsites.

Day 2: Maidstone to Dunkirk (47 miles)

The second day will be another tough day in the saddle. Whilst the distance is short this route again will mean you cycling up to 500ft before you make your descent to the coast.

A good place to stop for lunch on the way is Ashford in Kent of Folkstone depending on the time you leave Maidstone.

Once you reach Dover jump on the ferry to Dunkirk. By getting the ferry to Dunkirk instead of Calais this reduces the cycling distance by about 20 miles.

Once you arrive in Dunkirk cycle to either a close by campsite or a hotel in the town for the night.

Day 3: Dunkirk to Ghent (75 miles)

Cycling on day three will be a longer distance but is much flatter. You will spend the whole day cycling the L2A cycle route. This route is mostly off road and will take you through Flanders fields, waterways and peaceful countryside.  This route passes through Ostend and also Bruges. We suggest that you stop for lunch and a quick look around Bruges before heading on to Ghent.

Alternatively you could spend the night in Bruges. This will reduce today’s cycling distance by 30 miles but means you will need to cycle further on day 4.

Day 4: Ghent to Antwerp (50 miles)

Day 4 is a much shorter distance at 50 miles and is also nice and flat making it the easiest day of riding yet. Through this route you will be following the Schelde river all the way into the centre of Antwerp.

A good spot to stop for lunch is Dendermonde which is a small city about half the way along the route. Here you will find cafes, supermarkets and bike shops to stock up on supplies.

Day 5: Antwerp to Rotterdam (85 miles)

Cycle north out of Antwerp and near the border with Holland you will join the L2 cycle path. This cycle path is signposted at every junction so if you can make your way to the cycle path then you only need to follow the signs all the way into the centre of Antwerp.

This is a fairly long ride today totalling 85 miles which means there isn’t much time to stop for sights. Rosendaal is roughly the half way point and is the best place to stop for lunch.

Day 6: Rotterdam to The Hague (19 miles)

Because yesterday was a long ride, today’s ride is much shorter and allows for some great sight-seeing along the way.

We suggest that before setting off you have a quick stroll around Rotterdam before embarking for the day’s cycle.

This route is short not only to allow you recovery time but to also give you time to see The Hague. This city is renowned for its famous courts and is also the capital city for the south of Holland.

Day 7: The Hague to Amsterdam (75 miles)

The final ride to Amsterdam is 75 miles, this route we have suggested includes a detour to Gourda. Gourda is famous  for Gourda cheese which makes it a perfect place to visit for a nice spot of lunch. So it is possible to reduce the distance by 20 miles if you want to cycle a shorter route. Once you leave Gourda you make your way to the canals which you cycle along all the way into the centre of Amsterdam.