The 48 hour route follows the same path as the 24 hour route. The main difference between these routes is that you stop overnight during the ride and set off at different times.

Because the amount of mileage you cover is much less than the 24 hour route this is actually much more relaxed and not as tasking as you might believe. To cycle this bike ride you should train as if you are doing the 5 day cycle route as the distances covered each day are very similar.

  • 142miles
  • 2countries
  • 2days

Day 1: London to The Hague (98 miles)

On the first day you will be cycling in two legs. The first is from London to Harwich ferry crossing. The ferry will take you to the Hook of Holland and you will have a short cycle on the other side.

Leg 1: London to Harwich (88 miles)

The first leg of this route is to cycle from London to Harwich and is 88 miles. To do this route nicely in 48 hours you need to set off very early to make the 14:30 crossing from Harwich. Depending on your cycle speed we suggest that you set off between 4am and 6am.

Make your way through Chelmsford and Colchester before arriving at Harwich. Luckily this route is much flatter than the ride to Dover so allows you to save some energy.

The ferry crossing takes 6 and a half hours so this is a good time to have a snooze and let the legs rest, you arrive in the Hook of Holland at 10:30pm.

Leg 2: Hook of Holland to The Hague (10 miles)

Once you get off the ferry you are not yet finished for the day you need to do a short 10 mile cycle along the coast to the Hague where you will spend the night. We suggest you spend this night in a hotel because pitching a tent at this time of night would not be very fun.

Day 2: The Hague to Amsterdam (44 miles)

On the second day you have a nice relaxed cycle from the Hague to Amsterdam.  The total distance covered on the second day is 44 miles is mostly on cycle routes which are traffic free.

If you leave in the mid morning you should arrive in the centre of Amsterdam by late afternoon.

In total you have cycled 142 miles in 2 days through 2 countries!