You want to cycle to from London to Amsterdam in 24 hours? This challenge is possible, but not for the faint of heart. Some serious training will be required to do this and if you are new to cycle touring or long distance cycling then we recommend doing at least the 4 day or 5 day routes.

That being said if you are still sure you want to do this then you will find our suggested route below. This route is all about speed so instead of cycling the pretty winding cycle routes you will be taking the most direct route which reduces the total distance you have to cycle.

The best way to reduce the miles you need to cycle (and thus the time) is to catch the ferry from Harwich instead of Dover. This takes you to the Hook of Holland which cuts out quite a few countries and thus miles with the total distance covered is 142 miles.

  • 142miles
  • 2countries
  • 1day

London to Amsterdam in 1 Day

Leg 1: London to Harwich

The first leg of this route is to cycle from London to Harwich and is 88 miles. You should leave London as early as possible to avoid congestion on the roads and get out quickly onto quieter, safer roads.

Make your way through Chelmsford and Colchester before arriving at Harwich. Luckily this route is much flatter than the ride to Dover so allows you to save some energy.

Currently there are two sailings a day to the Hook of Holland so we suggest catching the night ferry which departs at 10:30pm. This will give you a chance to sleep on the ferry as you arrive bright and early at 6:30am.

However if you felt pushed for time you can catch the earlier ferry which arrives late at night. The benefit of this is that the journey is 3 hours quicker. Also as you during the night the roads to cycle on will be much quieter.

Leg 2: Hook of Holland to Amsterdam

The next leg of the route takes you from the Hook of Holland to Amsterdam. The total distance of this leg is 55 miles so if you got the night ferry you can be in Amsterdam by lunch time – well within the 24 hour time limit.

When you get off the ferry you hug the coastal bike path for the majority of the route. You pass The Hague before turning inland at Katwijk. Here you follow the bike path (which is signed) for the rest of the way into Amsterdam.