Bruges is a historic medieval town busting with culture. If you can we suggest you try and arrive in the mid afternoon to give you some time to explore Bruges.

The beauty of Bruges is the scenery, shops and laid back atmosphere. Better yet most locals get around by bicycle so you will fit right in!

In terms of attractions there isn’t too much going on here, this adds to the charm and once you have cycled countless miles to get to Bruges the last thing you want to be doing is traipsing around tourist attractions.

To make the most of this beautiful city here are our suggestions on how to make the most of your afternoon here:

Go on a boat ride


Bruges is nicknamed the Venice of the north and it made up of a collection of Canals. Ok so taking a boat ride through the waterways is a big touristy but what a great way to relax those tired legs than sitting in a boat and cruising through beautiful architecture.

There are lots of places throughout the city centre to board the boats and then keep going every day to the early evening so you have plenty of time to enjoy a ride.

Horse-drawn carriage tour

Around Bruges

Ok. So this is also really touristy but it’s a beautiful way to see the city. Not only is this a great way to rest your legs but it’s also a nice romantic treat for a loved one if you are cycling to Amsterdam as a couple.

This is pretty pricey but when your transport costs are nil you can afford to indulge a little bit.

Stock up on artisan chocolates

Spending The Afternoon In Bruges

Belgium is famous for its chocolates and truffles and Bruges is the best place to hunt down your favourite chocolatier. The small alleys are packed with small family owned artisan chocolatiers and the smell wafting throughout the shops is just divine.

Given that you have just spent the entire day cycling surely you have earnt the right to sample your favourite truffles and stock up on some treats for the next few days?

Indulge in a waffle

Spending The Afternoon In Bruges

Belgium is also famous for the waffle. If by the time you arrive in Bruges you are knackered and need some sugary goodness then head over to a street food vendor selling indulgent waffles that can come with cream, chocolate or fruit – yum!

Finish off with a pint

Spending The Afternoon In Bruges

Bruges has to be the perfect place to recover after a long day cycling due to its tasty treats and drinks.

On top of chocolate Belgium is also famous for its beers.

Bruges is scattered with plenty of little bars tucked away in old historic buildings and many of the bars here brew their own beer as well. At the end of the day indulge in a pint or two before heading off for an early night.


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