There is no doubt about it – spending hours in the saddle burns the calories. When you are out on the road you need to stop every couple of hours to take on some more energy. What you eat really makes a difference to your mood, endurance and overall enjoyment of the ride.

Energy gels are good for quick energy release but they can leave a funny taste in your mouth and when you are doing a multi day ride it’s nice to eat proper food.

We love food and we also love to bake so through trailing countless flapjacks, cakes and treats we have come up with our top 5 favourite quick and easy cycling snacks to enjoy on the road.


If you are on a diet flapjacks are best avoided but when you need calories, sugar and slow releasing energy they are perfect.

Flapjacks are packed full of oats and these are renowned for releasing energy nice and slowly to keep you full for longer – this means unlike energy gels flapjacks will help you cover much more distance before you notice yourself feeling tired again.

Of course they are also full of butter and sugar – but you do need that to keep you going.

what makes them even better is that you can customise them by adding all manner of fruits, nuts and seeds to the recipe of even consider adding chocolate chips for a decadent treat!

If we are going on a long cycle or are taking part in an event we don’t leave home without them.

Fruit & Nuts

Fruit and nut mix is a good staple to have stashed in a bag.  Firstly it’s pretty healthy with a healthy fats and natural occurring sugars.

Secondly if you find yourself sweating quite a bit you can add some salted nuts to the mix to replenish your lost salts.

PBJ Sandwiches

If you have the facilities and time to make a sandwich then we recommend opting for a peanut butter and jam sandwich.

The peanut butter provides calories and protein to help your muscles and the jam provides sugar for an instant hit of energy.

The only downside to these is that when they are squashed at the bottom of your bag – they can become a bready, jammy mess.

Malt loaf

Malt loaf is a cycling essential and sworn by many cyclist out there. And here’s why – it’s packed with carbohydrates and sugar and tastes amazing.

What makes it even more versatile is that it can get completely squashed or crushed and still tastes perfectly fine. This makes it ideal to stash at the bottom of your bag when planning a trip.

You could even add butter to it for more calories or spread some peanut butter on it for a protein hit.

Personally we love it on its own – crushed to a pulp from the bottom of your bag.


Bananas are nature’s ready made and packaged energy bars – they are simply amazing. Chocked full of carbohydrates and sugars they give you a nice quick release energy boost to last the final 10 miles on any ride.

Not only do they have loads of energy they also contain potassium which is vital for your muscles.

Bananas are so good they have in fact been compared to sport energy drinks in terms of nutrients.

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