What’s not to love about Christmas? Parties, super cool jumpers, Mariah Carey, cycling presents and food. Oh, the food – that’s definitely the best bit!
We all cycle for different reasons from commuting to work, for adventure, training for an epic cycle tour or to keep fit. Either way the chances are that piling on the pounds is not on your training plan.

If you have spent months training some a cycle tour the last thing you want to do is ruin your fitness levels, and gain weight over the festive period.
Don’t worry though here are some sneaky tricks you can use to stay nice and slim over Christmas.

Food substitutions

food substitution


At Christmas it is super easy to over indulge, an extra mince pie here a few chocolates there and you are easily stuffing an extra 500 calories a day without even thinking about it.
That’s even before the big day itself where you can be consuming up to 3,500 calories in one meal alone.
The best way to cut down on the calories is to be smart about what you eat. So try these switches:
1) Instead of cooking in oil or fat – use fry lite at only 1 calorie
2) Leave the butter off your toast
3) Ditch the daily Latte (if your off work the chances of you passing a coffee shop are less anyway!)
4) Bulk up on fruit and veg. Stuff yourself with clementine’s and still feel festive.
By making small changes to your normal eating style if you are clever you can reduce your calories intake so you can eat than extra mince pie!

Watch the alcohol

Watch the alcohol

Christmas parties, meals out and family gathering mean that over the next few week you will be knocking back quite a few alcoholic drinks.
Alcohol contains a bucket load of empty calories and sugar and some of the special Christmas drinks contain an eye watering amount of calories:
Pint of beer: 180 calories
Medium wine: 130 calories
50ml of Baileys: 175 calories
Glass of mulled wine: 134 calories
Glass of Egg Nog: 344 calories
By all means enjoy a couple of drinks but we suggest you either alternate between a drink and a glass of water or opt for the lower calorie options such as a spirit and diet mixer.

Go on some epic rides!

Go on some epic rides!


It’s Christmas, this is the time of year where everyone shuts down for a few days. Take this opportunity of not working to head out on some great long distance rides in our beautiful country side!
Riding on a crisp winters morning when the roads are silent is amazing and super relaxing. Not only is this fun but you will be burning off that extra roast potato.

Think first

Before you munch your way through a whole box of chocolate think how this will make you feel. Cyclists are a super fit bunch who love that energized feeling.
Stuffing yourself makes you feel sick and sluggish and actually doesn’t make you feel too great.
Exercise releases endorphin’s, the feel good hormone and personally I would prefer a quick 30-minute blast on my bike to yet another chocolate.
One chocolate though, that’s fine :p

Merry Christmas!

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