Bananas are simply the best fruit ever invented and if you are a cyclist you need more of these in your life. Make sure on each training ride you pop a couple of these perfectly packaged energy bars into the back of your cycle jersey.

Energy Explosion

Compared to most fruits bananas contain lots of carbohydrates. On average they contain about 30g of carbohydrates to help fuel your muscles during time on the bike.

Bananas are about middle on the glycaemic index. This means it’s a good mix of quick release sugars (great when you are bonking) and slower release energy to help sustain you during long rides.


Not only do bananas give you lots of energy but they contain about 13% of your daily recommended intake for potassium. When you do exercise you lose potassium through sweating. If you become deficient in potassium it can lead to painful muscle cramping.

This makes bananas a great prevention for cramps and also doubles up as a great recovery snack.

Vitamin C

During a bike ride consuming vitamin C won’t really make much difference to your cycle or your energy levels. But each banana contains about 15% of vitamin C you need each day.

We all know the importance of vitamin C in our diets and surely taking a vitamin enriched banana is much better than jelly babies or energy gels!

Nature friendly wrapping

A downside of taking sweets, energy gels and other treats is that you are left carrying around rubbish when cycling.

The good thing about bananas is that if you happen to accidentally drop the leftover skin when cycling well it simply breaks down and becomes nutrients for the surrounding ground.


At about £0.70p per kilo bananas are crazily cheap at the moment thanks to a price war at the supermarkets. This makes each banana about £0.15p each.

Compare this to energy gels at about £1 each – not only are bananas healthier but they will also improve the health of your bank balance too!

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