The majority of people who are looking to cycle from London to Amsterdam will do so in the summer months. This means long sunny warm days with many other cyclists following the same trip as you.

But some of you out there may want to buck the trend, be a black sheep and tackle this challenge during the long, cold dark winter months. We think this is actually a pretty nice time of year to be doing it and here is why;

Bigger Challenge

Cold temperatures, rain and less day light certainly makes the ride harder both mentally and physically. This makes it even more of a personal challenge.

If you are also planning a longer cycle tour in the summer then taking this trip in the winter is perfect training.


Most people go cycle touring in the summer and this popular route can get pretty busy. Another perk of cycling in the winter is that there are less people about.

It will be a rare opportunity to be just you and your bike cycling along peaceful lanes and countryside. There isn’t too many opportunities anymore in this day and age to just be by yourself with your thoughts, so relish it!

Stunning Scenery

Landscapes and scenery always look better without people in them. Summer is great for beauty but there is something stunning about rolling countryside and rivers on a cold early morning blanketed in a fine layer of fog – this you only get in winter.


Cycling in winter means that you will be spending some time no doubt in the dark. There is something quite fun about cycling in the dark – it makes you feel like an intrepid traveller who is ploughing on into the dark.

Ok, it’s not for everyone but I find this a relaxing and quiet time of the day in winter.

Festive delights

Winter means one thing – Christmas. Europe is famous for Christmas markets and you will find some of the best in Bruges and Amsterdam. Imagine sending 8+ hours cycling in the saddle to arrive to a medieval city covered in twinkling lights and smelling of mulled wine and ginger bread. Now surely that’s worth cycling for!



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