For the majority of people cycling the London to Amsterdam challenge they will be tackling this ride in the summer months. This does mean that unless you are super fit and already doing a great deal of distance on a bike that you will be training for this event during the dark, gloomy winter months.

Here are our tips on how to enjoy winter cycle training;

Cycle early in the day

During the winter the morning is the best time to get out on your bike – so if you can try and fit in some quick rides before work or longer morning rides at the weekend.

This is because as soon as the clocks change it get dark very early in the evening and this is done on purpose to give more morning light.

Equally once it gets dark in the evening all you want to do is hibernate with a mug of hot chocolate and read a book or watch telly. Get up early, get out in the day light and get your cycling done – then you have nothing to feel guilty of for the rest of the day.

Wear gloves

When you are cycling there is nothing worse than feeling like your hands are so cold they might drop off!

Cycling in winter can be cold and your hands feel the cold very quickly on a bike once you add a wind chill factor to the mix. Your hands don’t move like the legs when cycling so they get cold very quickly. Make sure you wear gloves every time you head out and spend some money on a decent pair which can withhold extreme cold, trust us it’s money well spent.

Get a decent bike light

If you ignore our advice about riding early in the morning you will be no doubt cycling in the dark. There is nothing more un-enjoyable, and quite frankly scary than cycling along in the dark when you can barely see a couple of metres in front of you.

Spending some cash and getting a good light makes such a big difference it’s amazing! Once you have the power of sight your bike rides are no longer restricted to the boring well-lit main roads and it really helps to add variety to your winter training.

Be prepared

Winter is a dark, gloomy unpredictable beast. Going out for a cycle you never know what could happen – one minutes its beautiful sunshine and the next minute you are being pelted with hail stones.

To keep you smiling make sure you pack a light waterproof jacket to shield you from the pesky elements.

Don’t be a fool

Just because your training plan says you should go on a 20 mile cycle today doesn’t mean you have to. If the weather outside is pouring down with rain or really heavy winds then don’t do it.

Not only will it wreck the enjoyment of cycling in the first place but it could actually proveto be quite dangerous.

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