Cycle Touring is a hobby which is perfect for the whole family. It means you can spend some quality time in nature away from technology and the busyness of life.

You can take children of any age with you (yes – including babies!) and their different ages will change the type of transport you opt for when doing this trip.

If you want to give it a go and take the kids we have outlined your different transport options;

Their own bike

If you are taking children who are aged 8 upwards then this is the most ideal solution to taking your family away with you.

Children love to feel at the same level as you and will feel proud to take their own bike. With this option just bear in mind that children will get tired more quickly so you will need to cycle at a slower pace which means you will be covering a much shorter distance each day.

A good child’s road bike would be ideal for this and you can pick some up decent bikes second hand for under £500.


A tandem is a fun, novelty way to travel across Europe. Your child will love the feeling of being part of a team and it does attract a lot of head turning.

However be warned that this will mean you will be doing most of the pedaling once your child gets tired. This also ads a lot of weight as you have a heavier bike, plus child, plus equipment so can be pretty hard going. Take it long and slow and you will get there.

Tandems don’t come cheap and cost from about £800+.

If you want to add on a smaller bike for a child you can then hook on a Trailabike. This is ideal for children ages 4-7. A Trailabike is a bike without a front wheel which clips on to the back of your bike or a tandem. It converts your bike to a tandem or a tandem into a 3 person bike. This is also a much more affordable option with Trailabikes costing about £100.


A trailer is the ideal option for young children and toddlers. With a trailer your child sits inside the buggy whilst you do the cycling. This is the ideal way to cycle with children who are too small to ride a bike yet.

Bike buggies can be bought from about £150.  Don’t forget to stop about once an hour as your child might get bored easily.

Child seat

This is the cheapest option and simply means adding on a cycle seat to your bike. Child seats cost about £35+. The downsides to this is that for long distance cycling it might be unconformable for your child and they could get bored. Where as with a buggy they can do some coloring or play with their toys whilst traveling through Europe’s countryside.


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